Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carruth Family Traditions

Paul says I make up traditions...

He says that I say things are a tradition, but then my family tells him that we only did it once.

So here are some of my favorite traditions- and if you wish, you can comment and say which are real and which are fake and add in any I forgot :)

Christmas Traditions
  • Decorating for FHE
  • Mom's white/silver Christmas Tree
  • Running around the house on Christmas Eve to get tired
  • Christmas Eve with the Shoells (Nativity)
  • Singing Hymns together
  • Pajamas from Mrs. Claus
  • The White Stocking
  • Me closing my eyes until we are all in the living room
  • Waking all the kids up and then waking up Mom and Dad
  • Brushing our teeth before we can open presents
  • Mom making delicious breakfast (I'm hoping for coffee cake this year)
  • Going to Gma and Gpas' houses
  • Doing a talent at Gma and Gpas
  • Wearing our new clothes to Gma and Gpas
Old/One time traditions
  • Wearing pajamas to the Ward Christmas breakfast
  • Showering together - (EXCEPT ERIC!!!) (haha)
  • Going Ice Skating
  • Going to Temple Square
  • Mom and Dad singing "Baby It's Cold Outside"
As you can tell, I am very excited for Christmas and I hope that we can spend a lot of time with family and not a lot of time at Olive Garden :)

Paul and I put up Christmas lights today!


  1. Oh my goodness, how many times do I have to tell you guys? I did NOT shower with you all! I went to bed because I thought it was the most bizarre thing ever. I just hope you're not telling people that story without that IMPORTANT disclaimer - ever! Other than that, I agree with the awesome traditions we have. ;)

  2. Oh, and my favorite is of Christine when we were little coming into my room, waking me up and having the following conversation:

    "Is it time to go open pwesents yet?"
    "What time is it?"
    "Fow thowty."
    "No, we still have 2 hours, go back to bed."
    "But I can't sweep!"

    Haha, love ya Christine!

  3. It's okay, Chris. I make up tradtions, too. Actually, I only say things are traditions so that mom and dad will feel obligated to do them (Like Cin-min rolls on conference weekend). I'm really excited for you guys to come for Christmas. :D

  4. Well, someone must not like the white stocking, because I can't find it. Do any of you know where it is?

    Also, I thought you would mention reading christmas stories, (and laughing at me for crying at them)